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born 30th of April 2024

S*Just Catnap’s Esther (Ymse)

S*Just Catnap’s Esther (Ymse)

NFO d 09 22

WW ’18 IC (N) Migoto’s Albert JW

WW ’18 IC (N) Migoto’s Albert JW

NFO n 09 22

Esther has a technically strong head with great heights and a strong body with good lengths. She has superb fur quality and a lovely temper.

Albert is our own made World Winner (2018 in Finland as a kitten). He has a fantastic boning, fantastic coat quality, fantastic profile lines, fantastic tail and a very masculine NFO look, as you would expect from a WW. His temper is beyond belief – extraordinary nice and sweet.

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NFO F 09 22



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